A Culture of Flourishing Together

Our Vision: A family of high-performing schools flourishing together to give every child the very best education possible.

At Canonium Learning Trust, we anchor our vision in the Christian value of fellowship, inspired by the teachings of Jesus and the biblical emphasis on community. We understand that it is our commitment to nurturing a sense of family among our schools that positions us well to achieve our purpose – to give every child the very best education possible. Guided by the principles of opportunity, challenge, and integrity, we foster a culture that invites schools and individuals, regardless of background or denomination, to flourish together as a cohesive family.

Whilst our schools are united in our shared purpose, they proudly maintain their distinctive character and ethos. This sparks curiosity and enthusiasm for identifying and celebrating exemplary practices. We openly share these insights to inform and elevate the practices of all within our Canonium family. This collaborative spirit ensures that every child receives an exceptional educational experience that fulfils the promise of 'life in all its fullness' (John 10:10).

Within the Canonium family, spirituality is not only valued but actively encouraged. We demonstrate this commitment through reflective practices that allow every child and adult to express their views, questions, opinions, and thoughts, fostering an environment of open dialogue and shared understanding.

The essence of Canonium Learning Trust's culture is best described as flourishing together. This culture unites our people, creating a shared belief in our identity, meaning, and purpose. Together, we build a robust and united organisation that gives priority to:

1. High Quality, Inclusive Education: Creating a culture that is motivating and ambitious for all, particularly focusing on disadvantaged children and those with special educational needs and disabilities, ensuring that every pupil can realise their full potential.

2. Expert, Ethical Leadership: Fostering a culture of expert, ethical leadership grounded in the Seven Principles of Public Life. Our leaders build a cohesive organisation around the trust's purpose and principles.

3. Strategic Governance: Anchoring our strategy in the needs of our schools, the communities we serve,

and the broader educational system, aligning with our overarching purpose.

4. School Development at Scale: Cultivating a strong conception of quality and a culture of continuous improvement across all schools within Canonium Learning Trust.

5. Workforce Resilience and Wellbeing: Creating a positive working culture that promotes collaboration, aspiration, and support for all staff members.

6. Finance and Operations: Recognising the importance of effective and efficient resource utilization for the wider benefit of all pupils.

7. Public Benefit and Civic Duty: Instilling a culture of working beyond our organisation, collaborating with other trust leaders and civic actors for the greater common good.

Fundamentally, Canonium Learning Trust is a family of schools, bound by the Christian value of fellowship and committed to providing the very best education for all. We embrace diversity, encourage spirituality, and foster a culture where all individuals and schools can flourish together. Through our collective efforts and willingness to uphold our principles of opportunity, challenge and integrity, we aim to fulfil the promise of 'life in all its fullness' for every child within our schools.

Reference made to CST Position Paper: Building Strong Trusts. April 2023.