Working at Canonium Learning Trust

As an academy trust committed to excellence in education, we are proud to offer our teachers and support staff a range of benefits that reflect our dedication to their well-being and professional growth.  Our teachers benefit from adherence to national teachers pay and conditions and access to the Teachers' Pension Scheme, providing a sense of stability and consistency, enabling them to focus on delivering high-quality education.  Meanwhile, our support staff benefit from access to a Local Government Pension Scheme and conditions of employment in line with the National Join Council (NJC) terms for local government services.

Our commitment to fairness and equity ensures that all of our educators are compensated based on their experience and qualifications, creating a more collaborative and supportive environment for teaching and learning. Additionally, our benefits package includes a variety of discounts and incentives that are specifically designed to support school-based teaching and support staff, promoting their financial security and personal development. At Canonium Learning Trust, we strive to provide our staff with the resources and support they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

All current vacancies at Canonium Learning Trust are advertised with Essex Schools Jobs.  

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Recruitment & Selection Policy Statement 

and expects all staff, volunteers and other workers to share this commitment. It is recognised that this can only be achieved through sound procedures, good inter-agency co-operation and the recruitment and retention of competent, motivated employees who are suited to, and fulfilled in the roles they undertake.

NB It is illegal for anyone who is barred from working with children to apply for or undertake Regulated Activity.

Applicants will be required to sign a DBS consent form giving  consent for the DBS certificate to be copied and shared (within strict guidelines) for the purposes of considering suitability for employment and/or consent for an online status check to be carried out in the event that the applicant subscribes to the DBS update service.  A previously issued Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate will only be accepted in certain restricted circumstances or where you subscribe to the DBS update service and the appropriate online status checks have been satisfactory.

The Trust Board is committed to ensuring that people who have convictions / cautions / reprimands on their record are treated fairly and given every opportunity to establish their suitability for positions. Having a criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position, except in the case of school settings covered by the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2018 where certain convictions, cautions or warnings will mean an individual is disqualified from working in that setting and will prohibit employment at the school (unless a waiver can be obtained from Ofsted).

Positive disclosures will be discussed with candidates and decisions made on a case-by-case basis taking into account the nature, seriousness and relevance to the role. The following factors will be considered in each case:

This Trust Board operates in accordance with The Disclosure and Barring Service Code of Practice in relation to the processing, handling and security of Disclosure information.

Only information related the purposes stated will be shared with the Panel.  Any information will be discussed with candidates at interview before any decisions regarding the recruitment process are made. 

A copy of our Recruitment Procedure is available upon request. 

Canonium Learning Trust, Colchester

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Canonium Learning Trust, Colchester

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