Latest News:  Canonium Learning Trust is pleased no Annonunce that St Andrews Primary Academy, Marks Tey is now part of the the Trust's family of schools.







Welcome to Canonium Learning Trust 

Canonium is a charitable educational trust made up of a family of five primary schools in Essex.  

It is our purpose to provide every child with the best possible education whilst nurturing their potential and enthusiasm for learning so children leave our schools equipped to tackle future challenges and make positive contributions to society.

As you explore our website, we invite you to learn more about our schools and our commitment to providing an exceptional education for every child.

Welcome from our CEO 

At Canonium Learning Trust, we work according to three principles: Opportunity, Challenge, and Integrity.


Our commitment to Opportunity ensures that we work smartly, making the most of every opportunity to provide our pupils with an outstanding, inclusive, and well-rounded educational experience. Collaboration and continuous professional development are key to achieving this goal.


We prioritise Challenge, striking the right balance between autonomy and consistency. Our focus on teaching and learning, combined with a culture of learning among our staff, allows us to continually improve and provide feedback to ensure our pupils' progress



Integrity is at the heart of our approach. We set high standards for ourselves and our staff, role modelling fairness, respect, and effective communication. We have the courage to do the right thing, resist excuses, and treat others with fairness and respect. We take responsibility and accountability for all our actions.